Cashless Convenience

No more fumbling or digging for change, no more “in and out battle” with the bill validator. Just “swipe and go” convenience with our state-of-the-art cashless payment system. Quench your thirst with today’s most popular credit, debit and mobile payment options.

Drink Selection

You choose your favorite beverages from our large selection of popular soft drinks, juices, sports drinks and flavored waters.

Wall Mount or Storage Cabinet

The Cashless Cooler is the perfect solution for businesses where space is at a premium. It can be mounted on a wall (taking up no floor space) or placed on the optional storage cabinet.

Energy Efficient

With its small overall size and super efficient FrigiDeck™ Cooling System, the Cashless Cooler™ keeps your drinks icy cold at a fraction of the power consumption of a standard refrigerator.

Friendly Service

Our local Operators provide you with top quality service because they own the machines. It’s their business to keep you refreshed and happy.

No Rental or Lease Fees

The machine and the service are completely free. Your co-workers and customers pay only for the drinks they enjoy.

Free Customization

Choose the right look for your location from hundreds of stock options or have us create a custom look just for you. You can incorporate your company logo, colors, a photo or even an interior design theme to make your cashless cooler totally unique.

Contact Us

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